On intimacy, timelessness, light and lingering.

Laura Dart lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, but the Road is Home. Most recently, she has found Joshua Tree, CA to be her place of rest, refuge and inspiration. With an educational background in English Literature, she was drawn to the medium of photography ten years ago as a way of seeing stories. Through her love of light, she found a way to turn the imagined into tangible experiences. While her true passion lies in creating with musicians, she has expanded her scope to include artists of all mediums. Most recently she has completed a two year cookbook project with Artisan books for Portland chef, Joshua McFadden. Amongst her repertoire of clients, she directed/photographed a year long campaign for Crate&Barrel, created content for Kinfolk Magazine for several years including a gallery show in Tokyo featuring work for Kinfolk. She has been hired as an artistic director in which she cast and photographed campaigns for Lands End, Kohler, DSW, Umpqua Bank and West Elm to name a few. 


We must be still and still moving.

Even before I was a photographer, I was a traveler. From roadtrips across states, to backpacking Europe, to sailing in Greece, this was how and when I felt most myself. To me, the most beautiful things are when the senses are engaged; sights, sounds, and tastes that draw you in at every new destination. I enjoy the unexpected and often find myself intentionally getting lost just to discover what was down that country dirt road. It is this same sense of wonder that led me to the field of photography. Traveling with a camera heightened the experiences and allowed me to connect with the people and places I was discovering in a more intimate way. The inspiring souls I meet on this journey, fuel my desire to create. The past seven years have included work with everyone from musicians and chefs to painters and doctors. I am entering a new season of creating, that will take me back to my roots as a fine art photographer, creating with artists to bring their work to life in a new way. I shoot 90% medium format film on a Contax 645 camera that has become a part of me. In this way, the images are kept intentional and unique to this place in time. I look forward to creating with you!